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BEST Writing

Man Prepares Nightly Meals For San Francisco's Homeless 'Kids' Struggling Against The Coronavirus Epidemic (Newsweek - 2020)

How to Convince Your Boss to Close the Office and Let People Work From Home (Vice - 2020)

Death of a Kinkster: The Tale of Dylan Hafertepen and Jack 'Pup Tank' Chapman (The Stranger - 2018)

(The New York Times called this article, "a good reminder that the age of the alternative weekly newspaper isn’t over.")

How Queer Sex Spaces Accommodate Disabled, Genderqueer and Traumatized People (Slate - 2018)

Drag Queens Are More Political Than Ever. Can They Lead a Movement? (Vox - 2018)

The Story Behind ‘House of Air,’ The Most Risqué Gay Music Video of All Time (Hornet - 2018)

What the F*ck Is Killing Our Gay Bars, and Is It Our Own Fault? (Hornet - 2017)

Hosting the 2022 Gay Games in Asia Will Improve LGBTQ Rights There (Hornet - 2017)

Why Do We Demonize Meth ​When Alcohol and Other Drugs Are Much More Harmful? (Hornet - 2017)

Why a 79-Year-Old Progressive Methodist Minister Burned Himself Alive (Hornet - 2015)

Welcome to Texas, Prison Rape Capital of the U.S. (Dallas Voice - 2012)

If You Say You Care About Safe Sex In Gay Porn, You’re Probably A Hypocrite (Queerty - 2011)

Director Israel Luna Was Sick of Bashing Victims Sucking It Up. So He Made a Movie Where They Stab Their Attackers To Death (Queerty - 2010)

Review - Scott Pomfret’s Since My Last Confession: A Gay Catholic Memoir (Publisher’s Weekly - 2010)



9 LGBTQ sports documentaries that’ll leave you breathless (Outsports - 2019)

15 LGBTQ Sports Films Where #LoveIsLove (Outsports - 2019)

These 10 Trans Male TV Characters Represent the Best (and Worst) of Queer TV Tropes (Hornet - 2018)

These 6 Horror Films Featuring Queer People of Color Are Scary (and Often Problematic) (Hornet - 2018)

Grappling With Homophobia: A Short, Campy History of 9 Gay Pro-Wrestling Characters (Hornet - 2018)

5 Fictional Same-Sex Couples Great for Comparing to Your Real-Life Romance (Hornet - 2018)


These 30 Fictional Characters Encourage Us All to Embrace Our Femme Selves (Hornet - 2018)

Let’s Examine the Phenomenon of Gays Cruising Bathrooms Through 4 Famous Men (Hornet - 2018)

5 Homoerotic Military Initiation Rituals, From Elephant Walks to Body Buffets - (Hornet - 2018)

10 Unusual Fetishes and Their Psychology, From Sploshing to Male Pregnancy (Hornet - 2017)

‘Hush’ and 10 Other Horror & Suspense Films About Disabilities (Hornet - 2016)

Don’t Wait For Black Swan‘s December Premiere To Enjoy Arty Lesbian Thrillers (Queerty - 2010)

Explainers & "SEO articles"


What is pansexual? What is the difference between pansexual and bisexual? We got answers! (LGBTQ Nation - 2020)

What is asexual? Here’s the asexual spectrum, an asexual quiz & everything else you’re curious about (LGBTQ Nation - 2020)

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